Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welling Court Mural Project

I just finished my addition to the Welling Court Mural Project in Astoria, Queens put together by Ad Hoc Art.  Here are some images of the process:


 -- An Art Event Celebrating the Streets, Solidarity, Community, and Culture --

WHAT:              The community of Welling Court in Queens, New York first asked Ad Hoc Art to help them spruce up their neighborhood in 2009.  Ad Hoc Art was honored to do so and rose to the occasion in May 2010 organizing a project fitting for the diverse, enthusiastic, and energetic inhabitants.  Now, a year later, Ad Hoc has assembled another spectacular crew of legendary and groundbreaking artists spanning more than 50 years of activity for the 2nd Annual Welling Court Mural Project.  The project has received remarkable global acclaim since its launch and continues to garner support as more walls, artists, and enthusiasts augment that success. 

This second round is not to be missed as we bring ever-more art and eyes to this Queens gem.  To celebrate, the community’s annual block party coincides with the project’s opening, featuring cuisine and music from the ethnically diverse and multi-talented hosts.  Whereas this tiny neighborhood is providing some major hospitality, it cannot provide for all the thousands of attendees, so please think of it as a big social picnic potluck art fun action and bring some of your favorite tasty foods, beverages, or other contribution to share with your fellow revelers.  If you would like to offer help or assistance to the artists, items always useful are: exterior bucket paint, paint rollers/brushes, spray paint, acrylic paint, exterior primer, etc.

The project transforms several city blocks into a 24/7 street-level gallery, bringing art from around the world directly to the heart of this community.  Renowned artists with deep roots in the street movement have created site-specific works for this project and many will showcase various creative sundries for your perusal.  This new array of visual experiences provides fresh contexts for how people working, visiting, and living in this diverse cultural gem of Queens think about and interact with their environment.

Artists include: Alice Mizrachi, Alison Buxton, Beau Stanton, Bunnie Reiss, Caleb Neelon, Chris Mendoza, Chris Stain, Celso, Cern, Cey Adams, Chor Boogie, CR, Cycle, Dan Witz, Darkclouds, Don Leicht, Ellis Gallagher, Ezra Li Eismont, Free5, Garrison Buxton, Greg Lamarche, Jesse Jones, JMR, Joe Iurato, John Ahearn, John Fekner, Jordan Seiler, Katie Yamasaki, Lady Pink, Leon Reid, Matt Siren, Michael De Feo, Michael Fumero, MIMEO, Mr. Kiji, Neko, Nuria, OverUnder, Pablo Power, R. Nicholas Kuszyk, ROA, Ron English, Royce Bannon, Sinned, Sofia Maldonado, TooFly, Tristan Eaton, Veng RWK, Zam, and more.

In addition to the murals and festivities, there are special events and artist’s projects happening throughout the day.

The project will remain up and visible for public viewing, 24/7/365.

WHO:             Ad Hoc Art + Artists
                        The Community of Welling Court, Queens

WHERE:            11-98 Welling Court {@ 30th Ave & 12th Street}, Astoria, Queens 11102

WHEN:            Saturday, June 25th, 2011 from noon until 9pm.

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