Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sanguine Machine Solo Exhibition

Tonight is the opening of my first solo exhibition at Gallery Hijinks in San Francisco. More info below.

September 3rd to September 24th, 2011
Opening: September 3rd 2011, 6-10pm

Gallery Hijinks
is proud to present Sanguine Machine: Antediluvian Artifacts from Futures Past, a solo exhibition by Beau Stanton. This collection of oil paintings is heavily influenced by the relationship between destruction and creation, the end of a cycle, and the beauty that can be found in its degradation. Please join us for the opening reception on September 3rd, 2011 from 6-10pm.

A member of the third generation of Pop Surrealism, Stanton hails from California and is influenced heavily by Realist painters Andrew Wyeth and Alphonse Mucha as well as the Aesthetic Movement of the late 19th Century. He relocated to New York after graduation in 2008, and has since been mentored by New York Pop Surrealist Ron English. He has also curated pop-up exhibitions in both New York and Los Angeles and has shown work with Ad Hoc Art, Opera New York, and Last Rites Galleries.

Excerpt of SF Weekly's 'Surrealist Art: New Work from Beau Stanton' written by Ruby Perez: "When it comes to surrealism, we can't help but moon over artists who produce such detailed and complex pieces... It's astounding what the human mind is capable of transferring onto a canvas, just take Beau Stanton's 19th century letterpress-inspired paintings." Read full article here.
For more information on the exhibition or Beau Stanton please visit or email us at

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