Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poetic Responses by S. David

My friend a fellow Red Hooker S. David sent me these poems responding to some of my recent paintings.
Labyrinth of Consciousness
 [by S. David]  

Everything so neat
 So patterned
 You’re in a rut
 A world of
 So you thought
 So you think
 Ease down
 Circle game
 But wait
 Mind tricks
 Mind games
 Your thoughts
 Turn about
 Turn again
 The path
 You follow
 Turns again
 Choices choices
 Life becomes
 A maze
 A labyrinth
 Look at it
 As from above
 So many turnings
 Dead ends but
 There is a boundary
 And your thinking
 Leads to dead ends
 End dead
 And you die
 And you will
 Mold all that is
 Left is bone

Rip and Render
 [by S. David] 

 Do it
 Again he pictured
 The pattern
 So perfectly
 In his mind
 A perfect
 With mystical
 Meanings and
 Properties too
 He had drawn
 It so precisely
 Meant it to be
 An act of
 And yet and yet
 Something wrong
 Something missing
 Four times before
 Weeks of labor
 Each just
 Lacking something
 He ripped it up
 Like the others
 Said a brief
 Prayer and
 Started over
 To render
 The patterned
 Portal for
 Certain minds
 To enter
 To leave

Erythraean Sibyl
 [by S. David] 
And she reads
 From the Book
 Of Fate
 That will
 Come true
 Your life
 All writ down
 All predictable
 Is there no ease
 No rescue
 No choices
 Hah laugh
 In the face
 Of what will
 Be change
 ‘Will’ for ‘may’
 There Are
 Choices so
 If Fate is
 A bitch
 Fuck her

More of S. David's work can be found at  http://theskaldicsoul.com/

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